The registration of the CHSM and CHSO categories has opened. These two categories will submit their applications in the same way as Pr CHSA for assessment. Only after they are successfully assessed will they meet the requirements to attend / complete the examination. Sessions will be run to accommodate groups so there will not be individual sessions. We expect the first sessions at earliest in October, locations will be determined by numbers. Dates will be predetermined and not be reliant on numbers only.


The examination papers are being set up by a subject matter expert for approval by a SACPCMP CHS examination subcommittee;

  • A data base of questions from which papers will be compiled – to protect against fraud / copying etc.
  • Two papers are written in a day;
  • The CHSM candidates will need to write and pass both papers to qualify for registration
  • First paper more practical – CHSO levels
  • Second Paper more theoretical – CHSM level


CPD evaluation;
  • Training service providers have commenced submitting material for CPD evaluation.
  • A sub committee was formed to evaluate materials for approval.
  • Committee made up of members of the original task team and academics from Universities.



Kind regards

The Buildsafe Team