Bid Management

Assisting Clients to Bid For Projects in IT and Telecommunications with our Bid Management expertise

Do you have the technical capability, technology and/or right idea, but don’t have the know how or have the time to respond to those long and red tape laden tenders? Our 10 years’ experience in the tendering and bidding game can help you land that contract.

Many small to medium enterprises cannot justify the expense of having a full time bidding specialist on its payroll. Our bid management service aims to help such enterprises develop this side of their business without adding the expense of a fulltime bid specialist.


Our bid management service focuses on helping our clients be in a position to win bids.

A successful bid requires detailed planning and preparation many weeks, if not months, in advance of a bid submission. We work with our clients to ensure that they are as well prepared as they can be and to help them navigate through the red tape and politics of the bidding process.


Some of our services include the following:


Bid Development and ManagementBid Management

We assist with the development of the bid, identify potential competition, their positioning and unique selling points.  This will assist our clients with their own bid positioning and the pricing of the bid. We also develop the bid document and draw on our in-depth knowledge of the ICT industry to ensure that we can point to a deep understanding of the operational environment in which the bid will be delivered. We also can help to project manage the bid process for clients and assist the bidder in “Competitive Dialogue” situations to ensure they are well prepared for each phase.


Partner Identification

Some bids may require other partners to make the bid more compelling and / to help deliver the bid.  We work with our clients to identify these partners, effect introductions and help in developing the bid team.


Risk Analysis

Understanding and implementing a risk mitigation strategy as part of the first phase of the bidding process will ensure that no problems are experienced during bid award and rollout. Once we have a deep understanding of your business and solutions, we help our clients identify risks and implement strategies (both short and long term) in order to mitigate as much foreseeable risk as possible. This ensures that our clients maintain their reputations and profitability of its deals.