A Call Centre is a big investment and a huge commitment for a business. Because of that, our customers often request our expertise in assisting them in setting up their Call Centre(s). Technology is key in the successful deployment of a highly effective Call Centre, however it is critical that investment into the correct technologies is made from the onset.

The following steps are critical to establish a successful Call Centre:

  • Set business goals and objectives
  • Establish wether a physical or virtual call centre is required
  • Discover any operational constraints
  • Establish budgetary constraints
  • Implementation/Development of ITSM or CRM platform
  • Develop KPI’s & KPA’s
  • Call Centre Agent Recruitment
  • Call Centre Agent Training
  • Establish Call Centre Metrics for reporting and performance managing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Call Centre Promotion

At Function1 we have partnered with various industry leading companies, this is so that we can provide the best of the best in technologies required to run a highly effective yet cost effective Call Centre. We are able to provide the following key :

  • ITSM/CRM Systems
  • VOIP Platforms
  • Queue based Platforms
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Call Centre Furniture
  • Call Centre Hardware & Software