The major drivers for modular data solutions are the potential for faster deployments and reduced capital costs, compared with traditional-build approaches. Our modular designs enable CIOs to align data centre capacity more effectively with growth in demand, as opposed to maintaining a large amount of under-utilized and expensive capacity.


The Contained modular data centre system dynamically matches cooling and airflow to actual IT demand. This means that PUE remains consistently low whether the data centre is partially or fully loaded with racks. Low, medium and high rack kW densities and the system automatically matches server demand to cooling, allowing any configuration of racks in the same space.


Exponential growth of data means that business must have cutting edge access, speed and security to stay competitive in a global market. Our modular design allows for highly scalable growth with the net space and the total number of racks being variable including a mix of Low, Medium and High density zones. Assembled in South Africa, they are built for any kind of climate condition.


10ft Container

3 Racks

20ft Container Split

4 Racks

20 Foot Container

8 Racks

40ft Split Container

10 Racks

40 Foot Container

18 Racks

Each MDC has its own power quality management and filtering system, power Distribution, its own modular dual battery and management Uninterruptable Power supply (UPS). Each MDC is remotely monitored by the best of breed systems from one of the biggest global Data Centre infrastructure manufacturers, it includes multiple security cameras, event warning systems, multiple heat/humidity/water detection and airflow sensors. Each MDC has its own fire and smoke Very Early Detection System (VESDA) with non-toxic clean agent fire suppressant gas system. The MDCs are designed to be completely remotely monitored and operated independently, but with completely integrated plug-in expandability allowing perfect visibility from one MDC through to hundreds and beyond across one site or multiple sites.

Each MDC is pre-configured with all server racks and network cabling for high density devices with diverse paths to allow for network redundancy. Power distribution is handled by a highly fault tolerant intelligent power distribution and correction system with remote management capabilities, this extends to intelligent in rack distribution units which can be controlled right down to each individual device power socket. The in rack Power Distribution Boards (PDBs) can handle power monitoring for billing, device faults and calculate efficiency of rack loading; again all is pre-configured before delivery and deployment times for each MDC are between 40 minutes and 2 hours into site.

MDC Air Conditioning is supplied by high density modular cooling with a unit in spare for redundancy and uses latest generation free air cooling, this allows vented outside air to be used or mixed with mechanically cooled air when the temperature reaches a certain point; this reduces energy consumption by a huge amount as less mechanically (energy using cooling) is required. Together with the hot aisle, or device exhaust air, and cold aisle (device intake) being totally separated, results in a measured efficiency increase of about 70% or more over traditionally designed and cooled facilities.

Standard Build
Server racks & IT Space
Power Distribution
Our Plinth Floor System: Hot/Cold isle
Cooling Systems
Fire Detection & Suppression
Security Cameras & Access Control
Fire Rated
Environmental Monitoring and Reporting
Individually scalable
Individual Data Centre or once off PODs
Multiple Pods - Small Deployment Data Centre
Multiple Pods - Large Scale Deployment Data Centre Facility
Disaster Recovery
Short/Long term solution for transition or migration
Populate and deploy
Expansion of existing DC – spill over